What is Probate
Probate is the estate administration process that takes place after a loved one has passed away. It is the role of an Executor to administer the estate; but many people don’t understand what this involves. This is where we can help.

We work with estate administration specialists whose goal is to obtain a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of disruption to the executors of the estate.

The competitive charging structure for the service makes using a professional a relatively easy decision for most executors, with the fees for the service provided clearly broken down before any work is undertaken.

What’s the role of an Executor?
An executor is responsible for handling the administration of an estate after a loved one has passed away. They must do this following the deceased wishes, as stated in the Will, and distribute the assets accordingly. Often this is a daunting task and many executors don’t know where to begin or how to do it in the correct way.

What if there is no Will?
Sometimes a loved one may pass away appointing a family member as their Executor, or they may sadly pass away without leaving a Will. In either instance, your estate has to be dealt with in accordance with either your Will or in accordance with the law, to ensure that your wishes and/or those of your loved ones are adhered to, also in accordance with the rules and laws of probate. It is a worthwhile practice for your family to appoint a professional and an experienced firm to act on their behalf, to relieve the burden of administrating your estate, which is a time consuming and sometimes complex exercise.